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ACTS is dedicated to reconciling families

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Learn about ACTS, our mission, our methods, and the results of our dedication to those we serve.

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Tired of struggling? ACTS will change your life

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Ready to take the next step? You can make a confidential phone call or send an email.

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                                                           ACTS will help you gain hope                                                                                With hope you can gain courage, With courage you can take the steps to change.

We believe in you, we believe in God's love for you, we believe that He will give you the hope, the courage and create the change that will lead you to your new life. Please give us a call and interview one of our counselors to decide if you'd like us to walk along side you in your healing journey.

Thank you,

Robert Rigg, Executive Director - Antioch Counseling and Treatment Services.

Your donations help ACTS to remain effective in helping those who are less fortunate

financially, but need professional help to save their lives and

move them toward recovery and a new healthy life.

God Bless You.