genesis process change groups

Genesis Change Groups are a safe place where people, who are willing to risk self-discovery and change, come together to learn how to change those behaviors in their lives that they are tired of or are stuck in. The purpose of the groups is to provide a safe place where people work together to identify areas of struggle and to provide support and accountability towards both recovery and personal growth which results in freedom to live and do what we were created for.

The Genesis Process and Groups are primarily focused on a New Testament model of recovery which emphasized first changing the heart then the behaviors. The Genesis Process combines the latest in brain research, psychology, recovery programs, and Biblical truth to help people discover the causes for and bring healing to, destructive behaviors whether they be a critical spirit or a full blown drug addiction. The Genesis Process helps families and individuals move to a closer relationship with the Lord by removing the self-perceived barriers that are their survival coping beliefs.

"If God has made you willing to change Genesis will make you able to change."

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