Genesis Process Change Groups


Jo's story

My experience with the Genesis Process both as a participant and a facilitator has been both rewarding and challenging, it has been eye opening and stretching and it has been life changing.  Not only in my life but in my families. Not to mention the individuals who have been in my group.  How rewarding for me to see Women have an revelation and breakthrough in any particular area.

Most of the areas in my life,  the Lord has been tapping on my shoulder for years to stop and pay attention.  Such as fear and anxiety.   This process forced me to take the time and energy to get behind the why and how.  The Genesis process focuses a lot about the brain and how it works—the limbic system versus the frontal cortex.  I finally got some answers of why I felt or acted a certain way.   The Genesis Process main focus is your relationship with the Lord and being all you are called to be and walking in the freedom that is ours as His Children.  I personal feel EVERY person should walk through this program.  Not just for themselves but it also gives great insight into others and the tools to help them walk in freedom.

I feel this material is one of the best.  I am forever grateful for it and Robert for his dedication and faith in this program.  There has been so much fruit which will effect so many families and generations to come.

Kere's story,

I am a Genesis Group Survivor and Facilitator.  I would love to share a bit about how the Genesis Process has affected my life.  When I first approached Robert a couple of years ago about going through a Genesis Group, I was experiencing near-constant nausea and wanted help gaining weight.  As a woman with a history of anorexia, I felt that if I just had some accountability and encouragement, I would gain weight and get on with my life.  Robert, through the Genesis Process, helped me to see and understand that my nausea and anorexia really was not the problem.  These were simply the outward manifestations of emotional issues I was struggling with inside:  insecurity, repressed anger, fear of abandonment, and fear of intimacy.  I learned that my fundamental problem was insecurity.  I also had a fear of intimacy coupled with a fear of abandonment.  This created “double-bind” that caused me to be stuck in unwanted behaviors and anxieties.  Since  going through the Process I have come to examine why I do what I do, and where my anxiety is coming from.  I now have the tools to dissect my feelings correct any lies and replace therudem with God’s Truth.   I have a better relationship with God and with others as a result, and I am especially benefiting from a deeper intimacy with my husband and our girls.  I am now a Genesis Group Facilitator and I have seen the process work in my life, and in the lives of others.  I am so excited to see how God is going to continue using this ministry for His glory.  Thank you for supporting this program.

Bruce's story,

I want to share briefly about how I have been served by ACTS ministry and am now currently I a volunteer as a Genesis group facilitator. As you may know, ACTS is the Antioch Counseling and Treatment Service ministry.  I am here to tell you that ACTS has a broader purpose then a typical traditional treatment service.

ACTS is about serving a broken world full of broken people and that is how I got involved.  About three years ago on the outside I might have looked like the average Antioch member but on the inside my life was a mess.  I had been trying for a long time to “fix it” myself and would only keep failing.  

About that time two things happened that changed the course of my life. One – I met with Pastor Mark who introduced me to Robert Rigg who I met with one on one and also said to me “why don’t you join into a Genesis group being led by Wendell” and I said sure.

The second, was for the first time in my life, going to God in a personal way and surrendering to His will and authority and turning my life over to him – saying to him how my ego, pride and even shame had kept me from turning to him and others for help.  And in that moment I let go and turned myself over to his will -  so much of my  burden and shame was lifted and change began to happen.  

So what is ACTS and the Genesis groups – it’s a part of the ministry that focuses on the idea in Romans 7:15.  It’s about why do I do the very thing I don’t want to do.  If you have ever asked yourself that question the Genesis process may be something to explore.  Whether it’s you asking yourself why do I worry so much or procrastinate for feel so angry all the time or eat more then I should and you have tried to just stop that sinful behavior on your own and failed.  Maybe its time, like it was for me, to get out of your own way.

Through the Genesis process I learned to understand why I was doing the things I did not want to do, and that understanding took the power away from those behaviors that had me feeling helpless and stuck in my shame. I have a lot of work to do and there are still consequences to my past behaviors but there’s more joy in my heart with Jesus at my side. As I continue this journey I am so blessed and supported with the relationships I have formed through the ACTS ministry and the members of my Genesis groups as we continue to meet, support and love each other.

So, if any of this touches you personally, I would encourage you to take a step; start a process to understand why you do the very thing you know you don’t want to do. You will be part of a group who won’t judge you but love and support you as they are all on the same journey.   After all, the only person who has ever walked this earth that didn’t need something like a Genesis group was Jesus.

Thank you.