Outpatient Treatment

a continuing care program

For those who are further along in their recovery process or for those who have completed the ACTS Intensive Outpatient Program we offer a one or two day a week phase II treatment program.  The ACTS outpatient program provides a safe place for our clients to learn how to integrate recovery into their daily lives.

Our Outpatient continuing care program meets evenings for 11/2 hours. In this group setting, our clients receive guidance from professional clinicians and addiction specialists, while gaining support from others who are on their own recovery journey. The Outpatient program is the second level of treatment at ACTS. After completion of IOP clients will attend the phase II continuing care outpatient program.

ACTS Outpatient Program compiles with Washington State Administrative Code for Outpatient services WAC 388-877B-0360. As well our program meets or exceeds state, county and local court ordered treatment requirements for outpatient treatment.