ACTS Services

     A State Licensed Faith-Based Nonprofit      Chemical Dependency Treatment Agency

ACTS is dedicated to helping restore individuals and families who are affected by chemical abuse and dependency by renewing their minds, hearts, and souls through the redeeming power of God. We are committed to helping people achieve and maintain a lifetime of recovery from addiction to alcohol and other drugs.

Antioch Counseling and Treatment Services is one of only a handful of Certified Faith-Based agencies in the state. As a state certified agency ACTS can administer court ordered assessments and provide treatment for those who have legal issues. As a non-profit 501c3 agency, our goal is to serve those who cannot afford treatment elsewhere by implementing a sliding scale reduced fee program. While our programs are faith-based they are also designed to satisfy the state requirements for:

• Drug and Alcohol Assessment and Recommendation
• Intensive Outpatient Treatment
• Outpatient Treatment Services
• Continuing Care Services
• Alcohol and Drug Information School
• Family Groups and Services
• Adolescent Services

Antioch Counseling and Treatment Services is a 501c3 non-profit Christian faith based treatment agency that adheres to the Washington Administrative Code (WAC) 388-805-305. As a faith-based service provider we must ensure your rights to receive treatment without religious coercion. We invite you to read our Patient Rights document.

Our clients receive excellent professional individual and group counseling services. Our staff consists of Chemical Dependency Professionals as well as Mental Health Counselors. The counselors at ACTS understand that there are other issues that need attention as the client moves through change and gains sobriety. We also know that addiction is a family disease and the family needs to go through their own change process. We provide help for the families by facilitating the Genesis Process.

for more information contact a counselor at 425-284-2652 or